Wednesday, March 26, 2014

ten truths tuesday #13 (on a wednesday)

1. If you want to dye your hair purple, do it because (as much as I hate to say this,) yolo (cringe). This is more about the fact that you should stop letting other people's opinions and societal norms dictate the way you live your life.

2. Sofia Coppola, Wes Anderson, and Spike Jonze. That is all.

3. We live in a horrible world, so go out and do something to make it a better place.

4. Pursue your passions (you'll be happier).

5. Money is awesome, but happiness is what'll really get you through life.

6. Sneakers are cool, wedges are cool, but do we really need sneaker wedges? I don't care how chic Isabel Marant is.

7. Find friends who will listen to you when you pour your heart out to them.

8. You get what you give.

9. Using fancy vocabulary words is actually cool- learn some.

10. Please stop complaining about the weather. We know it's cold outside, but there are greater issues to deal with than the fact that your Ugg boots do not sufficiently warm your feet.

Tuesday, March 18, 2014

MEGA POST (ten truths tuesday #12)

So basically, I did some cool stuff today; and not only will I be doing the usual ten truths tuesday, but I have some other things to share.

dress- Brandy Melville, shoes- Dr. Martens, sunglasses- Urban Outfitters
I thought I would just share my outfit today because my motto is: if you don't know what to wear, wear a dress, and that is exactly what I've done. It is so easy to just throw on a dress with a pair of matching shoes, because it looks way better than the whole "I was too lazy to pick out an outfit, so I'm wearing my pajamas" look, and it's just as easy (and comfy!). On another note, I went to one of my favorite cafés today, which is Sweet Butter in Sherman Oaks. This place has the ultimate café vibe, and the food is amazing. It's so nice to spend a warm, LA day sitting out on their patio, people watching, eating a delicious salad (or sandwich/ wrap), drinking a fun drink, and relaxing with friends. I shared the kale chopped salad with my friend, and it was one of the best kale salads I've ever had. Kale can be a weird green because the texture is really different than what most people are used to when it comes to salad, but it worked perfectly here. There were cucumbers and red onions in the salad which added a really nice, fresh, textural element, which went perfectly with the kale because it kept the salad crunchier (like the typical chopped salad lettuce texture) and kept the kale from seeming kind of rubbery, like it often can. The citrusy salad dressing was really nice to tone down the kale's strong flavor, and the garbanzo beans added great earthy flavor that complimented the acidity of the dressing really nicely. If you can't tell, I'm obsessed with food and could honestly talk about kale forever. We also had four macarons: pistachio, raspberry, violet (or was it lavender?), and strawberry- champagne. They were all delicious, and I especially loved the strawberry- champagne, which to my surprise, actually had a very strong champagne flavor. All in all, I absolutely love Sweet Butter and would absolutely recommend eating there some time. If you have the chance to try it out, my favorites are the "South of the Boulevard" Salad, the grilled veggie salad, and now the kale salad!

Now for the ten truths:
1. Lost in Translation is an absolutely beautiful movie about human connection/relationships, and I HIGHLY suggest you go watch it (it's on Netflix!).

2. Drop the vanity for a sec, and go donate your super long hair. If I can do it, you can do it; it will grow back, I promise.

3. The flea market is such a rad place.

4. Don't give people shit for their piercings/tattoos. It's THEIR body, let them do what they want with it. Plus, they're not giving YOU shit for not having piercings/tattoos.

5. Phrases like "no uterus, no opinion" are giving feminism its bad reputation. Anyone is entitled to an opinion, whether you agree with it or not. Fight for your OWN opinions instead of bringing OTHER opinions down.

6. It's kind of weird that you can think about people as much as you want, and they have no idea.

7. You shouldn't have to put up with people who say they love you but don't treat you like they do.

8. It's great to love yourself, but you shouldn't make every conversation about you.

9. Don't let anyone give you shit about doing what you love (unless it's harmful to others, in which case- NOT COOL).

10. Spring is in the air- go out and spread the love.

Wednesday, March 12, 2014

an ode to the soft bra

(Wow! Two posts in one day? Go me!)

In a world where the public's fascination with breasts is absolutely absurd, it is nice to know that there is hope for the "itty bitty titty committee" (yeah, I said it) in the soft bra (aka bralette). Okay, so maybe I'm being dramatic. But, let's be real here- society's opinion of the female body is both disheartening and intangible. Will someone please explain to me just HOW I am supposed to be a size zero, a D cup, 5'10 with long legs, and have a teeny-tiny waist all at once? So far, I have not figured out a way to live up to the mass market's standards. As a very average teenage girl, I feel both disgusted and disgusting when I am shopping for bathing suits/bras, and I am forced to compare my normal body to the fantasy bodies of supermodels that have been airbrushed/ photoshopped to an ideal image conceived by whoever it is that runs the advertising of mass retailers. However, there is hope yet. The popularization of the soft bra/bralette has made me feel okay about the fact that I may NEVER exceed an A cup, and increased imagery/advertising of BEAUTIFUL girls with SMALL boobs that HAVEN'T been technologically augmented helps me feel good about my body. Yes, many of these models are stick thin (which is probably part of the reason why they have small boobs, but that's a whole other issue for later discussion), but this is a start. The amazing soft bra, otherwise known as the glorified training bra, makes me feel so much better because I can wear pretty underthings (that my boobs actually fill), just like my big-boobed female counterparts! So, what does this all mean? think it means that there IS hope for society. We have lived in a world where the image of the female body in the media/advertising is so digitally altered that us NORMAL girls feel like total shit, but awareness IS being raised and society IS starting to accept us just as we are. Things are going up. Not only that, but soft bras are just so unbelievably COMFORTABLE! I can be comfy AND beautiful? Who knew?! To end my rant about society and boobs, I present to you a few links to some great bralettes (aka my boobs' best friends) for you to try out yourself!

(from cheap to ridiculously expensive)
Forever 21
Urban Outfitters
Urban Outfitters
Free People
Free People
Free People
Fleur of England
La Perla

ten truths tuesday #11 (on a wednesday)

1. Even if you hate everyone, don’t let it show.

2. Execution isn't always more important than intention.

3. Stop using "my body hasn't adjusted to daylight savings time" as an excuse for being lazy.

4. There's no use trying to figure out the meaning of life, so just step back and LIVE for once.

5. God is punishing you for your sins by making you procrastinate. (I'm an atheist, but I think you see my point)

6. Keep your mind open to new experiences- something great might happen.

7. I know there's a whole "anti-juice" movement going on, but in all honesty, I will never stop drinking Greens 2 from Pressed Juicery no matter how unhealthy people say it is (and sorry for being ignorant, but I mean it's GREEN! How unhealthy could it really be?).

8. Speaking of which... Grow up, and eat your veggies already!

9. I may seem smart, but I'm a 16 year old girl with a blog... What do I know?!

10. Don't reveal everything you know.

Tuesday, March 4, 2014

ten truths tuesday #10

1. Embellish your texts with emojis.

2. Stop trying to "fit in," and be yourself for once! You'll be happier; I swear.

3. If you didn't eat pancakes today for National Pancake Day, eat them tomorrow.

4. Making simple things fancy (your soap, your tweezers, your cereal) is one little way to treat yourself, liven your spirits, and make you feel classy.

5. Don't let anyone make you feel bad just because you don't drive a fancy German car.

6. If you live near the beach, take advantage of it. I know this sounds like crazy voodoo, but salt water is totally a spiritual healer.

7. Shop on Etsy because the sellers are just normal people like you trying to make their crafty dreams come true.

8. Plant a (mini) garden- it'll be good for you AND the environment.

9. Yes, humans ARE killing the environment in which we live, so doing your part to help is totally awesome!

10. Go to an old fashioned diner because it will remind you of happier days (unless you had some traumatic experience in a diner...)