Wednesday, January 29, 2014

ten truths tuesday #5 (on a wednesday)

Sorry I went on a little unannounced hiatus, but I'm back.

1. Traveling is one of the best way to expand your intelligence, whether you go 50 or 500 miles away from home.

2. Do your best not to borrow; there's nothing worse than being labeled as someone who never gives things back.

3. Instead of thinking of yourself as alone, think of yourself as independent.

4. Your great idea now could be somebody else's great idea in a year- be productive and do something about it!

5. If you want to piss off a hipster, tell them you knew about something they like before they did while they're telling you how much they like said thing.

6. Reading the book before seeing the movie is always the best way to go.

7. Gossipping does NOT make you seem cool.

8. Zara is chic.

9. Take pictures often- you'll thank yourself for this later on.

10. Açai is not overrated.

Sunday, January 19, 2014

pick of the week: Avi Buffalo

I've been listening to Avi Buffalo a lot this past week as I study for finals, and they're just a great band that I've loved for a while. Every song off of their self-titled album is unique, fun, and catchy.


Tuesday, January 14, 2014

ten truths tuesday #4

1. If from the moment you wake up you feel an awful day on the rise, put on a matching bra and underwear. It helps. I promise.

2. If you can speak more than one language, keep it up. Multi-lingual people are interesting and intelligent.

3. Be aware when using these phrases in conversation: "Make me," "Prove it," or "What's in it for me?"! They ALWAYS create sexual tension.

4. If you're craving a pastry, have a macaron, not a cupcake. They're classier.

5. Green tea has way too many health benefits NOT to drink it!

6. Bragging about the fact that you're going to Coachella will not make people think you're cool. Repeating that fact over and over will only annoy your friends and make you seem obnoxious.

7. Books are great gifts, very personal, and will make the receiver feel special if you put in the effort to choose a good one.

8. The more you go to museums, the more you'll like them.

9. Saving a dollar a day= $365 a year= a pair of designer shoes/ a new bag/ 3 pairs of jeans/ etc. Save, save, save!

10. Instead of just obsessing over something, create a plan and figure out how to attain it!

Monday, January 13, 2014

monday musing: stress

I don't really know what to say about stress other than it feels like being trapped. I've been under a lot of stress lately, and it is no fun. As the stress gets piled on, it almost feels like I'm digging a hole (against my will), that is harder and harder to climb up and out of. It's as if the rate of things being added to my to-do list is twice as fast the rate I'm actually getting them done. All in all, it's no fun, and if you're struggling with stress right now, I know exactly how you feel. The excitement of the new year is fizzling out, and we all being forced to turn back to face reality. On the other hand, don't let your stress weigh you down. You will get over this hump, get yourself out of this hole, and rise above it all once again. Patience really is a virtue when it comes to things like this. I don't know if I have a real tried and true solution to dealing with stress, but I have a few suggestions:

1. take a break (anywhere from 30 seconds to 30 minutes) at least once every hour you spend doing whatever it is that stresses you out- it's proven that these short diversions will actually help you focus better as a whole!

2. make lists of things you have to do and when you want to do them- set limits! not only is it gratifying to check things off the list, but I notice that lists help me stick to a schedule/ get things done more efficiently.

3. if it won't distract you, listen to music. I find this always soothes me/ keeps my mind from practically exploding!

4. spend as much time as you can (without feeling like you're wasting time) doing something you genuinely enjoy (i.e.: doodling, writing, exercising) to keep yourself from going insane.

Remember that whatever it is you're dealing with right now, you will be successful and make it out on the other side eventually! If you're feeling like giving up, don't because completing a task and seeing your hard work pay off is super satisfying.
Good luck to each and every one of you.

Thursday, January 9, 2014

Tuesday, January 7, 2014

ten truths tuesday #3

1.  Everybody needs space at one point or another.

2.  Putting yourself out there can be scary, but it’s almost always worth it.

3.  It’s better to be yourself than to be a carbon copy, no matter what society tells you.

4.  Cinnamon is good for you and makes things taste cozy (yes, cozy).

5.  Alfred {Coffee & Kitchen} is the best coffee shop in Los Angeles.

6.  Whether or not someone you like (/lust) likes you back should not make or break your life (or the way you feel about yourself!).

7.  Freaks & Geeks is one of the best “coming of age” TV shows (and it’s on Netflix!).

8.  Curling up with a book is always a better idea than curling up with your laptop.

9.  One should make art even if they don’t consider themselves a great artist.

10.  Donating left over holiday treats (all those cute little candy canes, for example) to children in need is a great idea. You’ll put a smile on someone’s face and save yourself a few extra calories.

Monday, January 6, 2014

monday musing: resolutions

Happy New Year everybody! With a new year comes new resolutions. Last year, I wrote down my resolutions, a to-do list of sorts, and checked them off throughout the year. This did not end well, however, because I ended up fulfilling less than half, leaving me disappointed by December. This year, I've decided to keep my resolution short and sweet: live better. I would tell you exactly what this means, but I don't think I'm even sure myself. I guess if I had to sum it up in a short list, I could include:

1. live healthier
2. live kinder
3. live smarter
4. live on the wild side
5. live happier

I refuse to confine myself to this list though. My resolution is just to live better- whatever that may entail. I don't want to be stuck to a list, but I want this year to be made up of me doing things that enrich my life in whatever areas I feel necessary. Life changes too fast for me to decide how I want to spend my year, so all I'm committing to is devoting 2014 to bettering myself.
Good luck with each and every one of your resolutions!

Friday, January 3, 2014

new discovery: Holy Folk

for those who like:
bon iver
mumford & sons
young the giant
beach house

Holy Folk is a band I've started listening to recently, and I really like what I'm hearing so far. Look for them in 2014. Their most recent album, Motioning, is just smooth, easy listening.
try them out for yourself: