Tuesday, May 20, 2014

ten truths tuesday #15

1. You shouldn't be paying $200 for a pair of birkenstocks.

2. Why are people still romanticizing cigarettes? They're terrible!

3. Summer is not an excuse to walk around basically naked.

4. I know it's really awkward when you're insta-stalking someone and accidentally double tap one of their photos, but it's even more awkward to immediately unlike it.

5. I know I complain about boys/love all the time, but it really is possible to live a happy life WITHOUT thinking of boys/love all the time.

6. Don't let a person's reputation prevent you from getting to know them. I mean, who knows what people might also be saying about you, anyway.

7. A milkshake once a week probably won't make you fat but will definitely improve the quality of your life (unless you're lactose intolerant :/).

8. Polyvore is really cool.

9. Instagram can be really cool.

10. Turning your phone off for a day would DEFINITELY be cool.

Monday, May 19, 2014

monday musing: drunk in love (unrelated to Beyonce)

I think the fact that alcohol ever began to be produced for consumption says something strange about humanity. I mean, am I the only one who thinks it's weird that we felt the need to create something that distracts us from the realities of life? I know humans do a lot of weird shit, but this is something that I find really troubling. Have we really created a society that's so displeasing that we need a method of removing ourselves from it- giving us a "buzz" that we can't feel on a day-to-day basis? It's sort of depressing. Or, maybe, we just use alcohol as an excuse. Something that gives us the courage to do something we've been wanting to but simply can't bring ourselves to do when sober. I guess it could be a vehicle for breaking the ice, apologizing, saying the first "I love you"... And then, there's love. Why is alcohol so often associated with love? Is it because love messes with our heads and brings us into some state totally removed from reality? Does love give us a buzz? Can love be permanent, or is it as short-lived as any other drunken experience? Maybe, love is destined to end in a black night, followed by one of the worst hangovers to be had. Maybe, we'll just all end up haunted by the activities of that love, of "last night, until we eat some breakfast, take a shower, and get back to the daily life. But, then what? Well, then we just go out next weekend and do it all again. Maybe, it's just a series of drunken pursuits, all in hopes of feeling even better than we did the last time. We can't just be drunk forever, though. Reality has to come crashing down at some point or another. Who really knows, though? Maybe being in love isn't like being drunk at all.