Tuesday, February 18, 2014

ten truths tuesday #8

1. Go out into your community and HELP people. Reach out. Give what you've got to give. Yes, it is time consuming and no, it's not always exactly fun in the midst of it. But, the feeling you get when you're through is one of the most rewarding in the WORLD.

2. You can't win all the time. Let your failures make you stronger.

3. If you have bad vision (like me), don't immediately reach for a box of contacts. Go out and find a great pair of glasses; they absolutely have the potential to make you look fun/quirky/smart/sexy.

4. Finding some sort of outlet for your stress (other than watching reality television (guilty)) will definitely make you feel better.

5. Kids are OUR future. Teach them important stuff.

6. I'm all for tattoos, but PLEASE put a decent amount of thought into getting one (you would think this is common sense!).

7. Please don't kill chivalry (it's not dead yet!).

8. Stop being embarrassed to call yourself a feminist! Misogyny is overabundant; let's stop it together! Let's end this culture where feminist seems to be synonymous with man-hater.

9. You ARE the change you want to see! I know being one person in a big world can make you feel insignificant, but go out and be an activist anyway! "Insignificance" simply DOES NOT exist when it comes to fighting for a cause you believe in!

10. Speaking of that, don't let ANYONE make you feel insignificant! Just because you are 1/ 7 billion does not make you any less important! Even Obama was a "nobody" once!

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