Wednesday, April 30, 2014

ten truths tuesday #14 (on a wednesday)

I should probably just change these to Wednesdays because I never seem to get around to them on Tuesdays, but nonetheless.... Here it is.

1. Don't let anyone give you shit for having a blog

2. Some people are just dumb. Find a way to deal with them instead of hating them.

3. Being attractive is great; but in the end, people aren't going to spend time with you just because you're nice to look at.

4. Don't let life get dull- spice things up.

5. Don't let someone else tell you what weight you should be, how to dress yourself, how to do your makeup, what color your hair should be, etc. Just do whatever makes you happy.

6. I know high school sucks, but try to enjoy your time as a teenager too (you only get to be young once, after all).

7. Color Me Mine is NOT just for little kids.

8. Cultured people= cool people.

9. Work out because onset type II diabetes is really fucking scary.

10. I know the people at Starbucks probably always spell your name wrong, but cut them some slack- they're trying. 

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