Tuesday, January 14, 2014

ten truths tuesday #4

1. If from the moment you wake up you feel an awful day on the rise, put on a matching bra and underwear. It helps. I promise.

2. If you can speak more than one language, keep it up. Multi-lingual people are interesting and intelligent.

3. Be aware when using these phrases in conversation: "Make me," "Prove it," or "What's in it for me?"! They ALWAYS create sexual tension.

4. If you're craving a pastry, have a macaron, not a cupcake. They're classier.

5. Green tea has way too many health benefits NOT to drink it!

6. Bragging about the fact that you're going to Coachella will not make people think you're cool. Repeating that fact over and over will only annoy your friends and make you seem obnoxious.

7. Books are great gifts, very personal, and will make the receiver feel special if you put in the effort to choose a good one.

8. The more you go to museums, the more you'll like them.

9. Saving a dollar a day= $365 a year= a pair of designer shoes/ a new bag/ 3 pairs of jeans/ etc. Save, save, save!

10. Instead of just obsessing over something, create a plan and figure out how to attain it!

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