Monday, January 6, 2014

monday musing: resolutions

Happy New Year everybody! With a new year comes new resolutions. Last year, I wrote down my resolutions, a to-do list of sorts, and checked them off throughout the year. This did not end well, however, because I ended up fulfilling less than half, leaving me disappointed by December. This year, I've decided to keep my resolution short and sweet: live better. I would tell you exactly what this means, but I don't think I'm even sure myself. I guess if I had to sum it up in a short list, I could include:

1. live healthier
2. live kinder
3. live smarter
4. live on the wild side
5. live happier

I refuse to confine myself to this list though. My resolution is just to live better- whatever that may entail. I don't want to be stuck to a list, but I want this year to be made up of me doing things that enrich my life in whatever areas I feel necessary. Life changes too fast for me to decide how I want to spend my year, so all I'm committing to is devoting 2014 to bettering myself.
Good luck with each and every one of your resolutions!

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