Monday, December 16, 2013

monday musing: tired, sad, and moping about unrequited love

Tired and sad are just some symptoms of the usual Monday blues. Unrequited love, however, is a feeling quite unlike any other. In fact, on the list of the most popular things to write songs about, unrequited love is third. 

unrequited- adjective: not returned or reciprocated

The dictionary definition of love? Let's be honest, it's probably not worth our time. Love is too subjective to really be defined, isn't it? For anyone who's experienced unrequited love, you probably know that it sucks. There really isn't an eloquent way to put it other than just blatantly recognizing that it feels shitty. Falling in love is easy, yet falling out of love is one of the hardest things to do. How has society evolved this way? Is it really fair that one can become enamored with another human being 1. without their permission and 2. without getting the privilege of being loved back? No, of course it's not fair. The truth is that it hurts, and what is love really worth? When love is requited, it seems as if it's worth the world. Unrequited love, on the other hand, feels more like a black hole that you will just eternally fall into deeper and deeper. Morbid? Maybe. As much as I try to fall back on my strong feminist values- that I am independent and don't need a significant other to keep me stable- it sometimes feels nice to have someone to depend on who can give you a break from always relying on yourself. I think that's okay, but the problem with it being okay is that it's not necessarily easy. But then again, I am a feminist: I am woman, hear me roar! If someone cannot reciprocate the love I have so generously given them, they're probably not worth it. I am a fabulous human who deserves to be loved, and so are you! What I suggest: get up out of bed, throw out those tissues, put away the box of chocolates, and go find someone who is able to appreciate how great you are. Easier said than done, I know, but it's worth a shot. Go out on a whim here- flirt with the cute barista at Starbucks, "accidentally" bump into a guy at  a music store and let him pick up those super cool vinyls you dropped, or maybe just spend an afternoon reading on a park bench and let someone cute approach you! What I think you should do in anticipation of all these new adventures is:

read a book

make art

get ahead on your work

go for a run

listen (best on shuffle) to this playlist full of some of those aforementioned songs on the subject of unrequited love

To all my hopeless romantics- I wish you the best of luck.

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