Tuesday, May 20, 2014

ten truths tuesday #15

1. You shouldn't be paying $200 for a pair of birkenstocks.

2. Why are people still romanticizing cigarettes? They're terrible!

3. Summer is not an excuse to walk around basically naked.

4. I know it's really awkward when you're insta-stalking someone and accidentally double tap one of their photos, but it's even more awkward to immediately unlike it.

5. I know I complain about boys/love all the time, but it really is possible to live a happy life WITHOUT thinking of boys/love all the time.

6. Don't let a person's reputation prevent you from getting to know them. I mean, who knows what people might also be saying about you, anyway.

7. A milkshake once a week probably won't make you fat but will definitely improve the quality of your life (unless you're lactose intolerant :/).

8. Polyvore is really cool.

9. Instagram can be really cool.

10. Turning your phone off for a day would DEFINITELY be cool.

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